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Where to find Soi Cowboy

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Where to find Soi Cowboy

map of Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy, Bangkok's red-light district for expats and tourists is located parallel to Sukhumvit Road between Asoke Road and Soi 23. It's very close to a public transport intersection combining BTS Sukhumvit line and MRT at Asok station and Terminal 21. Soi Cowboy hosts around 20 agogo bars with names such as The Dollhouse, Tilac, Soi Cowboy 2 and Baccara. Every tuk-tuk and taxi driver knows Soi Cowboy and getting there from any part of Bangkok is easy. Be aware of taxis standing in front of this area. They will try to overcharge. It's recommended to pick a taxi from flowing traffic. Bars open around 19.00h in the evening and close at 2.30 in the morning. SC is closed on various holidays and on eves before important elections.

bars on soi 23

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