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Tilac Bar on Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

  02/11/12, Tourist   , 82 words in Categories: Bangkok Bars

Tilac Bar

Tilac bar on Soi Cowboy
Outdoors for smokers and indoors for babe watchers: Tilac bar surprises with cheap drinks, good music and pretty Thai dancers
Soi Cowboy's most crowded and popular bar: Tilac. Blue neon signs, a glamour theme with many mirrors and cheap prices for drinks of all kinds make Tilac crowded from Happy Hour to closing time at 2 am in the morning. Even when most Thai bar girls have their barfine paid up, Tilac still jumps with customers who enjoy the fun the coincides with mirrors, bottomless dancers and entertaining musical sound system. Customers can still carry on a conversation while observing dancers on stage.

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