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Spice Girls Bar on Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

  01/20/12, Tourist   , 151 words in Categories: Bangkok Bars

Spice Girls

Spice Girls

It's one of those bars on Soi Cowboy giving you what you want: Thai teen eye candy. Very sexy 19 and 20 year old coyotee dancers that perform in hotpants and tight tops. You can buy them drinks between their shifts and put some bills inside their bra for a tip if you are in a spending mood. They won't go with you on barfine! Coyotee dancers don't accept barfines. They receive a higher salary than regular dancers. Maybe some charming guy can sweet-talk his way into getting their phone numbers, but that's about as far as it goes.

Spice girls is one of the Soi Cowboy bars that you go together with a barfined lady from Dollhouse or Shark bar to get drunk and/or entertained. It's not a place where you find a Thai girl for the night. They sell Erdinger Weissbier, another reason to visit. Website Link: Spice Girls Home Page

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