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Shark Bar on Soi Cowboy Bangkok

  12/03/12, Tourist   , 147 words in Categories: Bangkok Bars


Sharks is one of the most busy bar on Cowboy strip. It's rising lateral seating area around mirrored pole dancing area provides for a great and intimate atmosphere suggesting proximity to agogo dancers on stage. Most of the evening, Sharks is packed with people. It's location next to Midnite and Baccara bar make it a very convenient stop during a Bangkok night of barhopping. Shark's elevated dancing stage spins in center location to allow better views of pole dancers located at the center stage. However, observers have found the cutest Thai girls are located at the end of the stage close to the bar and beverage outlet. One can only assume it is because of unobstructed proximity to mirrors for narcissistic observation rituals of hairstyle, fingernails and makeup. Those Thai cuties are usually the first ones to run back to dressing room for more intense beauty corrections.

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