FAQ Soi Cowboy

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Questions and Answers

Why is Soi Cowboy called Soi Cowboy
Because the founder of the first bars on this strip was and Afro-American man who was always weraing a cowboy hat. Read more about his story here or more about T.G. Edwards here.

Is Soi Cowboy open during Buddhist holidays?
This depends on holidays. While bars stay open on most public holidays sometimes they either stay closed or they might be restricted from selling alcoholic drinks. I.e. during election days alcohol consuption becomes illegal. Such measures are announced on short notice, only.

How much for barfine?
Usually, barfines in most bars are 600 Baht. However, since recent times, many bars have changed to coyotee dancers from agogo dancers. Coyotee girls are not available for barfines as they are paid to dance and be cute. Agogo dancers and waitresses in most bars work primarily to achieve one barfine per night.

Open and Closing Time?
Most bars open at around 19.00h. It gets busy around 21.00h when most employees have to be on duty (pretty girls are allowed to arrive late for work, go figure). Closing time is 02.30h in the morning. What to do afterhours? Either take stroll down on Sukhumvit Road to Soi 19 to 11 and enjoy many outdoor pubs where girls and ladyboys hand out and cheap drinks are served. Various afterhour clubs can be reached by taxi, i.e. Insomnia Disco, Boss, Spicy. Cab drivers earn high commissions for transporting customers to afterhour clubs. You can always ask for free fare and get lucky, but most discos charge 300 baht cover with 1 or 2 drinks included.

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