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Thai Door Girls guard bars in Bangkok

  02/02/12, Tourist   , 153 words in Categories: Bangkok Bars

Sexy Thai Doorgirl

Sexy Thai Doorgirl
Each bar on the strip has them: sexy Thai doorgirls. They are the ones to get customers into bars. Once a customer vanishes inside a joint on Soi Cowboy he is most likely going to stay there for at least one or two drinks. It's the same in many other Asian RLD's, doorgirls are by far more attractive than actual dancers and employees inside the establishments. That's part of nightlife and it's impossible to complain about it. But: you can always ask a doorgirl to join inside the bar and buy her a drink if you wish to do so. This way, you can enjoy company of the bar's most attractive girl. Have fun! Female door staff is much more attractive than flat and bald skull head bodybuilders known from night entertainment venue in the Western World. While girls don't know martial arts like karate or judo they are are more inviting, certainly.

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