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Daytime Photos of Soi Cowboy

  07/28/12, Tourist   , 101 words in Categories: Bangkok Bars

Daytime Photos

Cowboy 2
Long perspective of Soi Cowboy up to Cowboy 2 bar
During daytime everything is calm and romantically innocent. Bars are closed and deliveries take place. It's like that until 16h when bargirls from neighbouring dormitories start to wake up. They flock out to the streets for late lunch and first bars open their outdoor areas for daytime drinkers and lost tourists.
Entrance on Asoke
That's where most people enter Soi Cowboy: entrance on Asoke Road with large sign. Avoid taking stading taxis here at night. They just don't want to bring you home for regular fee, but insist on taking you to places you never heard of to collect commissions and overpriced fare if you are unlucky. Strange, how different it looks daytime.
Looks very tame during daytime: Baccara. At night time it hosts 2 floors of bikini dancers and tequila girls that are separated by transparent glass floor. The best place to give men stiff necks.
Club Rio
Nice bar with Thai coyotee dancers: Club Rio. They really made a nice place out of this old joint. Usually, it is not very crowded.
Newer and renovated small night bar. Name suggest it to be a ladyboy bar, but I was too shy to go inside.
Contry Road
Loud Music and booze, that's Country Road. This sports bar was used to be close to Therme on Sukhumvit Soi 15, but moved here some years ago (too long ago to Remember)
Deja Vu
Deja Vu coyotee dancer and Tilac agogo bar. Actually, those two bars offer all one needs.
Just passed by daytime with a camera for the first time and thought it would be cool to upload them here. Nothing spectacular going on at all, but a different angle for those who love landmark Soi Cowboy. BTW, our naughty streets provides great panorama views of newly built Terminal 21.

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