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Baccara Bar on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok

  02/18/12, Tourist   , 153 words in Categories: Bangkok Bars


One of the most popular bars with 2 levels and glass floor in between for bottom watching
Possibly the most expensive showgirl bar on Soi Cowboy. Baccara packs 2 floors of dancers. Lower floor with bikini girls and upper floor with shool-girl dressed Thai ladies, bottomless. Both floors are separated by a large glass floor. Customers seated on the lower flower experience stiff necks. Upper floor girls love to ask for more expensive ladydrinks such as Tequila shots. Barfines are available, but customers are required to pay at least 2 ladydrinks on top of barfine. Regular drinks like beer and water are about twice as expensive than in Tilac bar, but Baccara is packed full with bargirls and customers every night. Very loud music. It's glass floor makes Baccara a very popular attraction. There is a lot of purchase pressure on top floor. There is always a waitress who will offer another drink while you are halfway though your first and girls parading by while throbbing their neck to signal being thirsty.

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